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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Untukmu Ummi


khas untuk ibu-ibu dan bakal ibu....

is for the million things she does for me  
          but never will i know or ever see

is for overtime she spends looking after me
           never asking for payments yet working like a bee

is for the tears she sheds alone at night
           when i disobedient and naughty outright

is for her heart that is tender and good
            ever ready to give and forgive as much as she could

is for the eternal debt of gratitude to her i owe
             the bigger the debt the older i grow

is for the right things she teaches me to say
             wether at home, in school or at play

             put them all  together and they spell MOTHER
             the woman whom i will never exchange for another

you are the queen of my heart.

kopi dan pasta,
hamba Allah.

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