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Friday, August 13, 2010

the making of supergirls..(^_<)

assalamualaikum~~!! (^_^)/

apa kabar semuanya??..semoga ceria ceria sentiasa!!
*amboi..lebih lebih pulop intro..>.<

timaseyh kpade enck sabrina kerana telah mngepost post yg byk di bwh ni! yeah!
~bergerak lah sikit blog ni!

okeee..hari ni nok speaking aaa skit (>.<)..
buleyh op?
~biaa aaaa saloh pon T_T

oke...oke...tukar intro semula..

peace be upon my dear friends and seekers of knowledge!..^^

insya-Allah today i want to talk about supergirls!

talking about supergirls..what comes to our mind?

the girl who wear something-like-superman-clothes with a very brave-look expression screaming
"saving the town!!.." ???


mybe some kind of korean actress?..singer?..or even the song of supergirls?.. (^_<)

my dear friends...

now let us read this beautiful poem adapted from iluvislam..

~let us enriching muslims soul with tarbiyyah! insha Allah..!!

Girls are not prizes to be displayed,

they are not objects to be seen,
they are not competitions to be won,

they are not unintelligent to be looked down on,
they are not toys to be played with,

they are not garbage to be thrown away.

But instead,

girls are flowers to be appreciated

they are humans to be considered,

they are gold to be valued,

they are fragile as glass to be handled carefully,

they are the important backbone to support,

and they are among the smartest people in this world.

I thought living in the 21st century would change the fact that women were once leveled as animals, useless and bring disgrace. However what I thought was wrong, history does repeat itself again, but in a different and ironic way.

Come on girls,

have shame, have respect,

have pride, have dignity.

For we all are supergirls,

we can bring down a whole empire,

and still build a nation.

"Let your akhlak be more beautiful than a blooming garden in the middle of Spring"

subhanallah..such a beautiful poem.. dear friends!!
how about practising to be a supergirl start from now? ^^

insha Allah..

wallahua`lam bissawab..

~this post is not related to anyone..
sori aaaaa kalu dop jjadi speaking xDDDDD
                                                                                                                            ~ lilish T_T

>>> akhir kate slamat mymbut bulan Ramdhan..semoga kita smua dpt mngecapi kemanisan beribadat di bulan yg mulia ini di smping mnmbah ketaqwaan kita terhadap Nya..=)

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