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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Palestine!..Insya ALLAH we will be by your side!

While we support Israel by buying Kit kat,

little kids are suffering, so just dont forget that..
you increase their bullets when you buy coke,
so forget nestle, because this isnt a joke..
going out on saturday then your tummy starts to rumble,

so you walk in MacDonalds for an apple crumble.
only if you realise and only if you think,
Palestinians are dying, while you give the israeli army a drink.
so, boycott starbucks and M&S,
so their bullets become less and less.

Every country should get together,

to stop israel, so palestine becomes better.

we should all get up and unite,

so we can break the siege and end the fight..

and make israel stop the killing and stop the crime,

then get israel out of palestine.

from the river to the sea,

Palestine will then be Free!!


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