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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our daily life --> as a Musleem

I sit down day and day and I

Remember when I used to say to

All my brothers and all my sisters to

Learn the religion it's the right way but

Yet again they turned me down but

They need to know it's not my problem cause

In the end it's between you and god

And this is my life as a muslim
Oh my dear akhi and ukhti..may Allah guide you right for

You have been seen as a very ugly sight

Talking to your non-muhrim, hanging out, that ain't nothing to do

The real question is, "What can you do for you?"
You sit around on facebook all day and I

Ask you, "What you have you got to say?"

but you just say.. “ nothing serious..relax”

Subhanallah I see this everyday

You've lost your religion in this very new country

You better learn the deen before it's too late

Learn Quran, Hadith and Fiqh too

No more girlfriends ,boyfriends, dating, or hanging out together

You've gotta follow what's right in your life

Allah's words and Hadiths are ther right things to follow

Be careful of what you do and think right

People think they have to be cool

But in this world they are prisoner
They're always wearing the new designer clothes

And trying to be like the others

No time for salat, Quran, they've lost their Iman

They're taking our muslim holidays the wrong way

Disrspecting elders, their mom's, and their entire families

Staying out and thinking it's okay

Girls wearing clothes but yet their naked

Boys acting cool just so they can make it

Girls wearing nail polish instead of henna

Boys not calling each other brothers, but nigga's

My dear brothers and sisters this is not right

We must all love each other, not even fight

Stop catogorizing yourselves, we are all the same

All it will bring you is much, much pain ..

my dear brothers and sisters its time to change inside..
open ur eyes..
and looks what right aside..
dont ever lose ur hope!
coz ALLAH is always by our side!
insya Allah!!!

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