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Friday, August 13, 2010

oh! teacher of mine!

Excuse me are you my teacher?

Asked the boy with the smallest of feature.

Indeed! I am,

looking at him in the morning - 7.00 am

Oh! Teacher of mine,

you have opened up my mind

from ignorant to knowledgeable

and with much persistent-it is now understandable!

Oh! Teacher, my teacher,

please forgive me for calling you a "butcher".

Now, I know that you really care and love

even if I get on your nerves!

The things you taught me

From the arts to the science of astronomy!

With the skill and dedication

-that I still remember with much affection.

Teacher, my dear teacher,

please persevere

as molding a student with soul

- is a daunting task that cannot be bought or sold.

Teacher is just like a preacher*

especially of an Islamic stature

imparting the wisdom of Nature

bearing Allah Swt's signature!

Teach! Oh teacher,

from the brothers to the sisters,

turn them into respected individuals

creating an Ummah as expected of much influential

Oh Teacher! - All Muslim teachers

do remember that you too are Allah's creatures

made accountable in the life hereafter

if you neglect your duty according to the Islamic's roster!

A learned man, a teacher!

- Is definitely not a "lecher"

As a moon over the stars, masya’allah

If he teaches sincerely for the sake of Allah

Oh, Muslim teachers!

A bleak Ummah in the near future?

as your effort will definitely go down the drain

if you produced a "puppet"-just merely with brain!


~  teacher is a gift from respect them..
take a moment..think and ponder..Remember what we used to say to
..Let's raise our hands and make Do'a for them



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